Tomato Meeting the nutritional demands of the human body can seem an overwhelming and impossible to understand process. So many "diets" and regimens exist one might feel confused, intimidated and even repulsed by the infinite choices.

Learning how the body uses foods as fuel, and specifically the timing of when to take in those fuels, is essential to feeling more consistent and lasting energy not only for exercise but life as a whole.

For example, many feel their cravings are a sign of "lack of willpower" or "weakness." Perhaps you just have a "sweet tooth," or have a "carb addiction." By learning the values of all foods and how they relate to replenishing your body, specifically you glycogen stores and neuro-muscular needs, you can drastically alter your mood, energy and body composition. In short, you can look and feel better, and not feel deprived or miserable in the process.

It doesn't come without effort, but it doesn't have to be awful either.