Barbell THE GYM ON SPRINGFIELD covers all you need to achieve your fitness goals. In your initial session, we'll discuss all of your personal fitness goals in order to develop a program that will quickly and safely help you attain your personal bests, whatever they may be. Perhaps it is to lose that baby weight gained during your last pregnancy. Or maybe you'd like to be able to run a 10 K. Maybe you play a sport but cannot get your body to do what you'd like to compete at your best. Or you just want to look good at the community pool this summer and feel a few years younger.

We'll begin by assessing what your body needs to achieve those goals, both through exercise regimen and eating habits. A full home exercise program will be developed for you with your schedule in mind. If you can only dedicate 20 minutes a couple days a week on your own, then that's what your program will cover, making it as effective and safe as possible for you to see some very real results.

Dietary knowledge is a key to this process as well. Through dietary journaling and counseling, we'll help you understand how your body works, how to properly fuel your body for energy and get your metabolism working toward your fitness goals.

Through your training at THE GYM ON SPRINGFIELD you can learn how much better you can feel when you give your body what it needs when it needs it, and that might be the most valuable lesson of all.