"I couldn't possibly be more enthusiastic about The Gym on Springfield. Here's why ...I'd been reasonably fit for most of my adult life typically maintaining a modest workout routine, though with no formal training. At a certain point, despite a lot of increased exercise activity, I found that my strength and agility peaked beneath my goals. Also, I seemed to keep sustaining small injuries that would set back any progress. I recognized that I was working out "hard" but not necessarily "smart." I suspected (well, actually I hoped) there was a better way.

One day I saw a brochure for The Gym at a local coffeehouse. Serendipity, I thought. I gave them a call, scheduled my first visit and was won over from square one. They didn't try to push some cookie-cutter "flavor of the month" exercise routine on me. Rather, they asked about my personal fitness goals, assessed the way my body reacted to some rudimentary exercises and tailored a plan to my needs and aspirations. It was about me; not them. In the sessions that followed, they continually challenged me - within my limits - and flexed and adjusted to my body's idiosyncrasies.

I've been working out at The Gym for over six months now. I've met my major fitness and health goals and I truly can't even imagine going back to my health club membership. I love this place!"

Ephraim Schachter
Maplewood, NJ

"Both my husband and I train with Tim, and it has made a huge difference in our overall fitness and happiness! I can't speak highly enough about Tim. He is very well educated and teaches you about the workings of the body while training, and he loves teaching about nutrition, too. He is extremely personable - as a father himself, he understands the stresses of managing jobs, homes and families and still finding time to exercise effectively. I had been particularly unmotivated until recently, trying various gyms, routines, etc... Nothing seemed quite right for me. I never thought I'd be someone who worked with a personal trainer, due to the commitment, cost, etc."

Ilena Kasdan
Maplewood, NJ

My time spent training with Tim contributed to an extremely healthy twin pregnancy both psychologically and physically. I trained through my eighth month and found Tim to be extremely sensitive to and conscious of both the dietary and physical needs of my changing body. I attribute a lot of my healthy twin pregnancy to quality supervised exercise. I recently gave birth to two healthy full term baby girls and can't wait to go back to working out with Tim!

Jen Klein

I've been training with Tim twice a week for a year, and I am healthier and stronger than I was 10 years ago - I've lost 15 pounds, and can feel the results walking up stairs and picking up my kids. I also have more energy, so I am more productive at work and feel less stress. Tim is more a friend than a trainer, and if you meet him once you will be impressed with his ability and sincere desire to help you reach your goals.

Leonard Catanzaro